OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio APIappropriate for use with gaming applications and many other types ofaudio applications. The 1.0 specification has been complete for quite awhile now, and the Linux, MacOS (8/9 and OS X), and Windows(all32-bitversions) versions are fairly mature.

On this site you find 14 Tutorials and the OpenAL units for use with Delphi.


  • 07-11-2009 Bugfixed using extensions with Delphi2009
  • 11-08-2009 A new OpenAL Release, nothing special only some bugfixes for Delphi2009 (i hope this does not break older delphi’s) and a fix for using 8bit wav files.
  • 02-02-2009 Delphi OpenAL is back under version control. The latest version can be found at .
  • 30-02-2008 Streaming Buffers Lesson is now online
  • 29-02-2008 EFX Extension Lesson is now online
  • 29-02-2008 EFX-Util dll and unit are now available for using EAX effects with EFX in OpenAL.
  • 28-02-2008 OpenAL 1.1 unit is now available. Has support for VORBIS, EAX and EFX extensions. Also it is now possible to record audio with OpenAL. Tutorials for these new features will follow. 
  • 24-02-2007 bugfixed OpenAL unit.
  • 23-01-2007 It is little known but the OpenAL pascal unit is available on: . Use anonymous / anonymous to login and browse to OpenAL. If you feel like it you can request your own login to make updates to the openal pascal unit.
  • 29-05-2005 Delphi OpenAL board. Ask and answer questions on using the OpenAL api with Object Pascal and Delphi.