glModel (former name gl3ds) started out as a unit for loading 3ds files and rendering it using opengl.

glModel is released under the mozilla public license.

glModel loads

  • 3D Studio files (.3ds) supporting meshes and materials
  • milkshape ascii files (.txt)  supporting meshes, materials, bones and animations
  • wavefront files (.obj) supporting meshes and materials
  • directx files (.x) supporting meshes and materials 

glModel saves

  • milkshape ascii files (.txt) supporting meshes and materials
  • wavefront files (.obj) supporting meshes and materials

New in the 3.3a release is:

  • Loading of directx meshes.

New in the 3.2a release is:

  • Saving of .obj files

New in the 3.1a release is:

  • Loading of .obj files
  • Some small bugfixes

New in the 3.0a release is:

  • Total rewrite
  • Support for multiple fileformats
  • Suppurt for multiple rendertargets
  • May reintroduce some old bugs :-)

New in the 2.5a release is:

  • Bumpmapped material support
  • Now uses glbitmap.pas for textures

New in the 2.4 release is:

  • Bounding Boxes per submesh

New in the 2.3a release is:

  • New .bin fileformat added
  • Two sided materials added
  • Changed 3ds face loading order form clockwise to counterclockwise.
  • Fixed transparency and material loading form milkshape ascii files.
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